At La Hacienda Park, we’re filled with an adventurous spirit and love of nature. We work hard so that the experiences that every visitor has here becomes an unforgettable memory.

We offer the most exclusive activities in the entire region, while ensuring that all of the health and safety protocols implemented by the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Tourism are fulfilled. We’re a benchmark in the tours and activities sector.

At La Hacienda Park, you’ll find the country’s longest and fastest ziplines and its only chairlift. There’s nowhere else that you can combine these experiences with driving buggies, free falls, horseback riding, safaris, plantation tours and the most delicious local cuisine.

We’ve created these activities so you can enjoy them with your family, in a group or with your significant other…jungle adventures are for everyone!

Our 2022/2023 Environmental Agenda 

We want to lead our sector in sustainability and respect for the environment, creating jobs and promoting our culture and local products.

10 environmental commitments.

Protect the Anamuya River with periodical clean-up initiatives and educational classes on water management and treatment for the local community.

Promote sustainable growth with local suppliers that also contribute to sustainability.

Reduce food waste in the supply chain and reuse organic material for compost and animal feed.

Guarantee all products of marine origin offered in our restaurant are caught using respectful fishing practices.

Establish suitable environment for the introduction of the rhinoceros iguana, a species endemic to the island of Hispaniola.

Reduce energy use and incorporate alternative energy sources.

Construct all facilities and infrastructures in the park with local and eco-friendly materials.

Create prevent, reduce, recycle, reuse plan for all types of wastes, especially plastic and glass.

Create anti-deforestation plan, planting 3,000 native trees on our premises.


Protección de la fauna y flora locales contribuyendo al fin de la caza furtiva, al tráfico de especies protegidas y eliminando especies invasoras como el Caracol Gigante Africano.

Commited to sustainability

La Hacienda Park opened in 2016 and is part of Grupo Interparks, which has offered activities in the Dominican Republic since 1993.

In 2015, every member of the United Nations (including the Dominican Republic) approved the Agenda for Sustainable Development.

At La Hacienda Park, respect for the region is deeply ingrained. It’s always been like this and always will be. That’s why we’ve created our own agenda.