You’re just a step away from turning your vacation into the adventure of a lifetime.

The whole team is ready for you at La Hacienda Park so you can experience an unforgettable day. Are you up for it?

Tour La Hacienda

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Experience the country’s most authentic adventure.

At La Hacienda Park, you can take part in exclusive, one-of-a kind activities, while in a completely safe environment.

And with the most knowledgeable guides!

Crank up the excitement during your vacation.

Sun, sand and a relaxing hotel are great. But if you’re looking for real adventure, you’ll find it at La Hacienda Park.

Taste 100% authentic Dominican cooking, enthralling flavors you can only find here!

Unparalleled activities in an extraordinary setting surrounded by nature. 

At La Hacienda Park, you see, touch, and experience nature. The jungle, the animals, the plantations. Even breathing the fresh air is special!

The memories will last a lifetime.

When you get home, what do you want to remember most about your trip? Don’t wait another second! You’ll want to share your adventurous stories with everyone.

7 amazing activities and non-stop excitement is priceless.


Horseback Riding


Free fall