Drive a buggy

Along the most exciting private route.

This experience combines the best in jungle adventures:

Contact with nature.

A chance to showcase your driving skills, and the charm of a refreshing swim in the river.

Anamuya River at the end of the tour.

You’ll get covered in mud and head across coffee plantations, all without driving on the main roads as our private route is the safest in the country.

The buggies seat 2 or 4 people and have seatbelts and mechanical reinforcement. Moreover, the speed along the route is controlled because the most important thing about this experience is for children and adults alike to enjoy the environment.

Safety recommendations.

Drivers must be at least 18 years old.

You must prove your age with a valid official ID.

Minimum height: 110 cm (43”) tall.

Follow your guide’s instructions.

Helmet and seatbelt mandatory.

We recommend wearing sunglasses and a bandanna.