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Together Towards a Better Future

Grupo Interparks has created the Anamuya Foundation as part of their Corporate Social Responsability. This non-profit foundation has the strong commitment of contributing to the development and improvement of the life conditions of the local inhabitants.  

Christmas toy collections, clothing and household goods donations, and family medical support are some of the charity actions that the foundation has carried out.

In the following months, the Fundación Anamuya is planning on rebuilding two schools and raising funds for the cleft palate operation needed by the 8 year-old Wismarli. 

“Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world.”.                                    –Eduardo Galeano.



The Fundación Anamuya is a non-profit foundation, created as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of Grupo Interparks. Grupo Interparks has been in the lead of leisure and theme parks in Punta Cana and Bávaro for more than 20 years, thanks to its enterprises: Dolphin Island Park, La Hacienda Park, Seaquarium, Manatí Park and Radikal Jet Boat. The foundation was created with the strong commitment of contributing to the development and improvement of the local population of Anamuya and nearby towns. Through its work, it has supported and promoted employment and social integration of the communities in need, as well as collaborating closely with other local foundations and NGOs.


Grupo Interparks is the leading provider of leisure activities in the Dominican Republic, with more than 20 years of history and 5 prestigious theme parks. Present in the island since 1983, they created the first dolphin park in the island of La Hispaniola, has the biggest horse collection in the Dominican Republic, as well as the biggest Iguana reproductive center in the island.
The parks have earned over 20 quality awards from tour operators and international agencies, and have been awarded many times with the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.


The essence of the Anamuya Fundation is to improve the present and future of those who need it the most. With these firm values, our mission is to do what’s in our power to create a better future.


Our principles are:

  • Solidarity
  • Cooperation
  • Collaboration
  • Social Commitment.



Since its beginnings, the Fundación Anamuya has focused in improving the conditions of the community in which La Hacienda Park is located: Anamuya. Anamuya is situated in the mountains of Higüey, a one-hour distance from Punta Cana. Surrounded by a privileged natural landscape, its community on the other hand has been forgotten and disfavoured due to poor access, poorly maintained roads, and lack of investment.

This is why, the Fundación Anamuya and La Hacienda Park committed themselves to improving their roads and hiring over 50 local employees. Currently, the efforts are being made in rebuilding both schools in town and improving the homes of the locals at risk of social exclusion.


Education is one of the main pillars of society, this is why Fundación Anamuya has partnered with other non-profit organizations that are committed to charity works. With their help and collaboration, we have improved the schooling conditions of the children. Among other actions, the foundation has organized charitable school visits to Manatí Park, solar panels have been installed in the school in order for them to have electricity and water, and both schools have been rebuilt.


One of the most important actions carried out by the foundation has been the cleft palate operation of 8-year old Wismarli Alcántara. Alongside Operation Smiles, his operation was a success. The foundation also provides beds, mattresses, clothes and other housing goods to the local people of Anamuya.