It’s important to learn a few basic tips before you go to a new place. That’s why we’re here to give you some simple advice for your trip to Punta Cana! These tips will help you be ready and have a good time during your visit

Essential documents for traveling to Punta Cana: What you need and pre-travel procedures.

Tips for traveling to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Valid Passport

Ensure your passport isn’t expiring soon or within 6 months, as you may need to renew it. Also, make sure there’s enough space in your passport for stamps.

Turist visa

Most air travelers heading to the Dominican Republic, including those from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico, various countries in South America, Central America, Japan, Israel, etc., don’t need a visa to enter the country.

However, you will need to fill out the E-Ticket form for departure and landing. You can find the form here: https://eticket.migracion.gob.do, If there is a stay in the country exceeding 30 days and this document is not available, the General Directorate of Migration imposes a fine upon leaving the country.

Flight tickets and accommodation

To make sure you’re visiting for tourism and not planning to stay indefinitely, they’ll also ask you for your round-trip flight tickets and details about where you’re staying, like the hotel or apartment name and a reservation confirmation. They might also ask for proof that you have enough money to cover your expenses during your stay.

Vaccinations and health requirements

At the moment, you don’t need any vaccines to go to the Dominican Republic, and they don’t suggest any either.

Important things to consider for your trip to Punta Cana

tips for Punta Cana, what to bring

The weather

In Punta Cana, the weather is typically tropical, which means it’s warm all year round. There are two main seasons: the rainy season from mid-May to around October or early November, and the dry season from then until April.

In the rainy season, there are short but heavy rain showers, and it gets hotter and more humid. During the dry season, humidity decreases, and there’s very little chance of rain.

Travel insurance

Even though you don’t have to, it’s a good idea to get travel insurance before going to Punta Cana. It helps if something unexpected happens, like getting sick, or if your flight gets canceled or you lose your luggage. With travel insurance, you can feel better about your trip, knowing you’re protected if anything goes wrong.

High and low season

In the high season, prices go up, and popular places get busier. Meanwhile, during the low season, which happens in the warmer and more humid months, usually in our summer, rates drop, and there are fewer people around. Depending on what you like, you might prefer one time over the other. Either way, make sure to pack both summer clothes and a light jacket because temperatures drop at night, and the sea breeze might make you feel cold.

Local currency

Remember to always carry cash when visiting the Dominican Republic. The local currency is called Dominican Pesos, but in many places, you can also use US dollars, although the exchange rate might be slightly higher. You can always exchange dollars at currency exchange offices called ‘casa de cambios’.

Essentials for your trip

Don’t forget these essentials for your trip:

Book Activities

tips before traveling to Punta Cana

Punta Cana is really famous for having thousands of daily activities to do alone or with you family, friends or partner. There is many way to book your activities in Punta Cana.

Book Online

If you prefer to have everything organized in advance, it’s simple to book various activities online before your trip. This way, you can have your schedule set and enjoy your vacation without stressing about activities. You can book activities through OTAs like Viator, Civitatis and GetYourGuide or directly from the activity’s website.

Book at the Hotel

If it’s your first time and you’re not sure which activity to choose, most hotels have an activity desk where you can make reservations and ask any questions you have to ensure you book the perfect activity for you.

Booking with a local seller

If you haven’t booked your activity online or there’s no desk at your hotel, you can book it with a local seller usually found at the beach. Just make sure they’re legitimate, provide you with a ticket, and wear the uniform of the company they represent. Always ask if the activity is covered by insurance.


Car Rental in Punta Cana, dominica Republic

There is multiple ways to move around Punta Cana, here are the different ways so you can find the way that suit the best for you:


This option is excellent if you haven’t brought much cash and prefer to use a familiar method for feeling safer. The only downside is that there aren’t many of these, so it might take a little longer to find a driver, and in some areas, you might not find one at all.


Taxis can be a good choice for getting around Punta Cana, especially if you want to explore places beyond your resort. Just make sure to agree on the fare before you start your journey and check that the taxi meter is working.


Motoconcho is a local way to travel short distances around Punta Cana. But be sure to agree on the price beforehand because for tourists, they might try to charge more. Be aware that they might don’t give you a helmet.

Public Transport

Bus and minibus services are available in Punta Cana, connecting various areas. Locals often use this option because it’s affordable for traveling. However, keep in mind that the schedule and frequency of these services may change. So, if you have limited time or want to make the most of your day, it might not be the best option.

Car rental

If you’re looking for independence and want to travel longer distances, you can rent a car in Punta Cana. There are various rental companies with branches at the airport and in the resort area. The cost will go up, but you’ll have maximum freedom.


Even if excursion is not really a way of transportation, many activities has the transport included like La Hacienda Park. Like that you don’t need to rent a car or an uber to go to your activity.

La Hacienda Park in Punta Cana

To conclude, La Hacienda Park is an amazing option for engaging in multiple activities without having to spend a ton of money. At La Hacienda Park, you can enjoy a variety of activities including ziplining, buggy rides, QuickJump, cultural safaris, chairlift rides, and an amazing Dominican buffet where you can savor the best of Dominican cuisine. All of this is available for just US$99

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